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About By Appointment Only (BAO), Inc.

Interested in sales but not sure where to start? Maybe people always say you should be in sales but, you don’t have any real-world experience. Many new grads have launched successful sales careers at BAO! Our popular Training Academy provides the foundation for a solid future in sales and business overall. And because you’ll be supporting field reps in a wide range of B2B tech industries (at industry-leading companies like SAP, IBM, Dell and, you get a first-hand look at the larger sales landscape to help you shape a career path that’s right for you. Let us give you the skills to jump start your career while you can determine what your paycheck will be with our uncapped commission.



August 2021 Chelmsford, MA
“Culture, management, benefits. I like that the company operates in a way that cares for its employees and creates a healthy, balanced work environment and everyone has the attitude of "your success is my success and vice versa". I like the company-wide emails sent every time a new employee gets their first successful call and the million "reply all"s congratulating them. ”
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