Camp Lightbulb

About Camp Lightbulb

Camp Lightbulb creates life-changing and magical camp experiences for queer youth to connect and build community. Founded in 2011 with an inaugural camp attended by 9 campers, we have grown each year and now produce weekly camps online and sleepaway camps in Provincetown, Los Angeles, and NYC that will reach 500 campers this year.

We focus on fun—not intervention—and incorporate six main elements: art, community, fun, the outdoors, service and well-being. Our relatively small camps allow for personal attention and a high counselor-to-camper ratio so that everyone gets to know one another, which supports the creation of a lasting close-knit community.

We are needs blind with over 60 percent of our virtual campers receiving full or partial financial assistance, many of whom come from homeless shelters and foster care. Some of our partners are: The Point Foundation, Mi Centro/Latino Equality Alliance, GSAs, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Ali Forney Center, PFLAG, Victory Fund, and The Trevor Project.



September 2019 - December 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“At the internship, Camp Lightbulb gave me a lot of freedom and discussed with me on the first day what I would be interested in working on. Since it is a small organization, I was able to manage all of their social media for the duration of the internship. I was given a lot of autonomy in what I wanted my internship experience to look like, which I liked. Located in Hollywood, the internship was also located in a high-quality office building and was very lax when it came to dress codes.”
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