Camp Lightbulb


September - December 2019 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

At the internship, Camp Lightbulb gave me a lot of freedom and discussed with me on the first day what I would be interested in working on. Since it is a small organization, I was able to manage all of their social media for the duration of the internship. I was given a lot of autonomy in what I wanted my internship experience to look like, which I liked. Located in Hollywood, the internship was also located in a high-quality office building and was very lax when it came to dress codes.

What I wish was different

While I got the opportunity to tell the organization my interests and what I would be interested in doing, I was tasked mostly with creating a marketing database and running their social media accounts according to their instructions. I did not get a specific opportunity to give feedback on any major changes that I thought would be beneficial to the company until the end of the internship.


Feel free to speak up about what you are interested in and if you feel that you have a good idea! I had some constructive ideas for the organization while I was working here but did not feel that it was ever the right time to bring them up, but I would advise any future interns to speak up and share their ideas. At the end of the experience, my ideas were welcomed warmly and would likely have been implemented sooner if I had simply voiced them.
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