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Our Values reflect who we are and how we work and we value our employees. At Comau LLC, our employees enjoy working in a highly innovative and safe working environment while performing challenging and meaningful work to build value -- driven solutions. Our positive relationships with our managers and co-workers allow us to take ownership and walk the talk. Our work culture encourages us to communicate openly, think innovatively, and act as a network. Employees are empowered to work with simplicity and efficiency. If you enjoy working in a dynamic environment oriented toward innovation and multiculturalism that offers real opportunities for growth and aims for excellence -- you are probably a great fit for our team!

Today, Comau has a truly global presence, with 33 operative centers in 17 different countries, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions and localized support in a variety of fields.

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Project Management Intern

October 2016 Southfield, MI
“You are given good experience in the manufacturing industry. You can take on as much or as little responsibility as you would like. ”

Mechanical Design Engineer Engine

March 2017 Southfield, MI
“What I liked most about working at Comau was the experience of working on real life project. Helping the team on the initial build from start to finish. Also having the opportunity to take the lead on projects controlled by me and having the ability to manage my own team. Showing proper management and leadership skills to carry out the final product our customers. ”
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