Can someone offer clearance on whether it's possible to turn my internship into a full-time offer at Equinix?

Equinix has just started hiring more students from the internship program but when I was there this was not common unless a spot happened to open up. I would suggest networking as much as possible and trying to find people to mentor you. Build a great relationship with not only your direct manage...
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What are some talking points I should cover for my Business Systems Analyst interview at Equinix?

The Business Systems Analyst position can vary based on the team that you are applying for. I worked with a SaaS Delivery Team, so I was responsible for the analyzation and training of a particular software. I had no prior experience with the software so I leveraged my experience in using and tra...
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Was there a training program at Equinix for new hires?

As an intern, there wasn't a very robust training. My onboarding session was an hour long and I had about a week to familiarize myself with the role, requirements, and deliverables. Business Systems Analyst is in most cases an entry-level role, so it doesn't take much experience or training to fi...
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Would you recommend Equinix as a good place to kickstart my first job out of college?

I think Equinix would be a great company to kickstart a career. They have had continuous growth over the last 15 years and seem to be remaining on the same trajectory. Their business model is solid and it's only going to become more relevant and necessary in the coming years with advancements in ...
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How is success defined at Equinix?

Equinix really goes above and beyond to make sure their employees and interns alike have the resources necessary to succeed. They place an emphasis on interconnectivity and a clear understanding of how the function impacts each and every individual. Your success is determined by you, the more you...
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Does Equinix offer a mentorship program, and if so, how has it helped you?

Of the programs offered within the company, I was lucky enough to be a part of a few of them. The first was the intern mentor program which allowed me to choose a mentor I felt matched my interests and personality. I built a strong and open connection with an in-house counsel member who helped me...
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