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About Eurekii Learning Center

Eurekii helps students engage and understand mathematics more deeply through enrichment classes, tutoring, and center membership!



February 2022 Lutherville-Timonium, MD
“I started working at the center recently and I have had plenty of great encounters in my short time. Everyone here has a great attitude toward each other and to the kids we tutor. If you are worried that you are not super efficient in one subject that is okay. I graduated with a degree in History and they were easily accommodating when I had to teach English and Math. They made me feel comfortable ”


October 2021 Lutherville-Timonium, MD
“The employers have been more respectful than any others I've ever had. I feel valued as both an individual and as an employee. In previous jobs where most employees are in their teens or early 20s, employers have refused to consider me as an equal or like I have anything to offer. In this position I have control over my schedule, constant support from coworkers, and a safe environment for my queer identity. ”
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