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About Foreign Policy Research Institute

The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) is an independent nonpartisan think tank based in Philadelphia, PA. FPRI was founded in 1955 by Robert Strausz-Hupe, a former U.S. ambassador. Today, FPRI's work continues to support Strausz-Hupe's belief that "a nation must think before it acts" through five regional and topical research programs, education initiatives, and public engagement but locally and nationally. FPRI is dedicated to producing the highest quality scholarship and nonpartisan policy analysis focused on the crucial foreign policy and national security challenges facing the United States. We educate those who make and influence policy, as well as the public at large, through the lens of history, geography, and culture.


Research Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“I enjoyed the independence I had in performing research for my professor on my own time and I thought the work was mostly stimulating and interesting. ”
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