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Greenheck Group is the world leader in manufacturing air movement, conditioning, and control products for industrial, institutional and commercial use. The products manufactured include fans, louvers, dampers, ventilation systems, and air conditioning units. Put simply, the task of every team member at the Greenheck Group is to make sure our products move air in, out, and around a building so occupants of buildings are comfortable, safe, and healthy. We put our products through the most stringent design, testing, and manufacturing processes to deliver the best products to our end users.

Greenheck offers a variety of co-op, internship, and full time Leadership Development positions. Our unparalleled college programs provide exposure to leadership, mentoring, and the tools to help you grow professionally. Our 8 month co-op positions are typically focused around engineering, supply chain, and sales. Our summer internships are typically in finance, marketing, IT and HR.

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Engineering intern

January 2020 - August 2020 Wausau, WI
“Everyone at the company, everyone was very welcoming, it was a great experience! ”

Product Development Engineer Intern

January 2019 Schofield, WI
“The culture at Greenheck is very welcoming towards interns/co-ops and I have learned so much since I have been there.”
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