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About GT Metabolic Solutions

Today, only 1% of eligible patient candidates for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery are choosing to get surgery even though there are now good results, specialist teams and specialty hospitals available to them. The market is growing steadily and large, a 1% market penetration represents a about $500M annual US market for laparoscopic mechanical stapling technology, and is ripe for a major disruption.” GT Metabolic Solutions is that major disruption. We are dedicated to revolutionizing gastric bypass. From the procedure to the recovery, our skilled team of engineers and surgeons are dedicated to providing effective solutions never before seen by the medical community.

Over the last decade, the GT Technology and IP were incubated and have produced over 17 patents to date by GT’s world-renowned founding staff. The Co-Founders of GT Metabolic Solutions are visionary surgeon Michel Gagner (Cleveland Clinic, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Cornell University, University of Montreal) and entrepreneur business professional Thierry Thaure (Abbott, Intuitive, Accuray, EGS, Guidant). Dr. Gagner invented and pioneered the “Sleeve Gastrectomy”, the new gold standard procedure for the treatment of severe obesity and/or type-2 diabetes in use today in approximately 70% of the world’s 500,000 Bariatric procedures. He is known and respected by every single laparoscopic bariatric surgeon in the world. Thaure is a known serial company builder and has spent close to 35 years in Medical Technologies specializing in building surgical and cardiology companies. With the addition of Todd Krinke, GT’s innovative Vice President of Research & Development, the team is unstoppable in pioneering this new frontier in bariatric surgery.

Our technology enables surgeons to offer a less invasive surgical standard of care with incision-less intervention and enteric bypass connection without bleeding or leaks. All procedures are out-patient, have the potential to be performed under deep sedation, and will decrease intervention/hospital costs. Our technology also allows surgeons to decouple today’s procedure and change the paradigm of how surgeons manage both obese and metabolic (diabetic) patients. Further, this technology has potential to disrupt other fields in colorectal and gastrointestinal surgery in the near future.


R&D Intern

March 2021 Fridley, MN
“I liked the ability to manage various different yet equally important and stimulating projects, while learning not only skills of an engineer, but learning how and why things work the way that they do in the medical device industry. There is a monumental amount of work that goes into the medical devices that make an impact on people that benefit from their use and this internship has shown me that the things that happen behind the curtain are surprising and exciting, all at once. I appreciated the confidence that my employer gave me in completing projects with no micromanaging or lack of trust in my abilities. At the same time, there was no pressure to be perfect 100% of the time, and a helping/guiding hand was always at the ready when I needed it, further propelling my confidence in carrying out projects. I felt like I was learning new skills and abilities everyday under the supervision of an expert in the industry. ”

Quality/Regulatory Intern

March 2021 Fridley, MN
“The hours are incredibly flexible, and Mr. Krinke gives priority to school. The office environment is very laid back, but the work you are doing is important. It has been a very comfortable learning space, and I've always felt supported”
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