HaF Equipment, LLC

About HaF Equipment, LLC

Haf Equipment is a custom engineering company that specializes in bulk material handling systems but, truth be told, our systems only make up a portion of what sets us apart. Since the beginning, we had a small, family-owned culture; one that cultivated a community and where people truly cared about their peers and their work. Today, as we continue to grow, we still hire and coach to maintain that unique culture. If you are chosen for an internship, it will give you an unparalleled experience for your future career, through extensive exposure to a vast array of manufacturing environments.


Project Engineer Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Maplewood, MN
“The workplace culture was friendly and fun, and the people there were motivated and more than willing to help or educate when asked. From my time in school, I had not ever heard of the pneumatic conveying industry, but the work was interesting, stimulating, and a wonderful learning experience.”

Project Engineer Intern

May 2022 Maplewood, MN
“The people at HaF Equipment have a deep desire to do quality work as well as being quality people to work with. Everyone from the top-down have a strong desire to building a healthy work-office culture. This makes collaborating, attending meetings, and just the work in general that much more enjoyable. ”
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