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Since 1916, Keystone Camp has encouraged and supported girls to become strong individuals. Teaching Keystone campers life-long skills and values in a fun and nurturing environment is the hallmark of the Keystone Camp experience. Keystone camp for girls strives to develop the total girl on an individual basis. Nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains is a place for girls where friendships bloom, where adventure waits around every bend and where summers are sweet and live long in your memory.

We look to our staff to help guide our campers. Our staff will provide a strong foundation in our campers lives by living in a tight-knit community, and through teaching them a variety of skills. Activity instructors teach children valuable lessons by showing campers a new skill, helping them gain more confidence in a familiar activity, and from leading by example. The activity periods are not the only time you have to be a role model and friend. Our instructors also serve as cabin counselors. Living in a cabin with eight girls and another co-counselor is also an opportunity for you to be a role model, friend, and leader. Our campers are with us for two, three, or four weeks at a time, so you will get to know them quite well. Each staff member must be willing to serve in several capacities at Keystone to ensure the best overall program for our campers.

You can get school credit for working at camp. The skills that you develop and learn at camp (organization, scheduling, teamwork, problem-solving, communication skills, and leadership) are essential qualities by academic departments and every employer in the job market. Talk to your school to find out about the criteria and we will be happy to assist you with the paperwork.


Logistics Coordinator

May 2020 - August 2020 Brevard, NC
“The Keystone administrative staff is a collection of some of the kindest and most driven professionals in the summer camp industry. Admin know that being a counselor and serving in loco parentis can be an incredibly demanding job, and make sure to support their staff both during the summer and after. They make sure to develop personal and professional relationships with all of their staff, checking in with them each week to make sure they're getting the support that they need in the ways that they need it. They also care deeply about your professional development, asking you what skills you want to develop and figuring out the best role for you.”


May 2020 - August 2020 Brevard, NC
“Keystone Camp is a wonderful place to work at during the summers. As cliche as it sounds, you will immensely grow as an individual and develop long-lasting relationships in a supportive and caring environment. ”
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