Leaders of the Free World

External Communications Intern

June - August 2020 • Worcester, MA

What I liked

I really enjoyed this internship. My supervisors, Ruby and Lavar, were lovely and worked with me to make sure I could meet the requirements for my school internship program. Our weekly meeting and frequent email conversations were just enough supervision for me to feel like I knew how they wanted things done, and I was allowed to set my own hours and prioritize what I thought should be handled first. I relished the opportunity to try out a new discipline of writing and learn more about nonprofit management, as well as to contribute to such an fantastic organization. It was and excellent internship.

What I wish was different

I wish I had gotten the chance to learn about grant writing, but the process is typically so long that there was no point in attempting it in my 10-week summer internship. The timeline meant that I could only contribute a little to any long-term projects, and I felt like I had only just gotten the elevator pitch down by the time the internship was over.


Time management, and feel free to enrich your learning experience. I reached out to someone in my wider network in the industry for advice and attended a webinar on nonprofit partnerships after COVID, both of which were useful resources. Information is out there, and the more you know, the better an intern you can become.
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