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About Mika Metal Fabricating

Mika Metal Fabricating is a trusted partner; helping our electronics, medical and surgical customers design, engineer and manufacture high quality, custom sheet metal products and components. We've been around since 1939; however, our business is undergoing an exciting transformation. By combining the tribal knowledge of a long and tenured staff, with the energy and enthusiasm of new recruits, everyone has the chance to grow and learn - no matter where they are on their professional journey.


Manufacturing Engineering Intern

March 2021 - April 2022 Willoughby, OH
“I always loved the idea of being able to create. People at Mika Metal are very proud of their work and this is inspiring. At Mika I was exposed to the entire process of a sheet metal fabricating, both engineering and non-engineering aspects. I was given ample training and first and also groomed along the way. It was a great opportunity to experience the issues faced in real manufacturing set up and how to resolve those problems. Working with integrity, sense of greater good and maintaining a family like atmosphere, Mika is a great place to work at!”


January 2022 Willoughby, OH
“I like working at Mika Metal Fabricating because they are a small business and a great place to start due to me just graduating. It is very family oriented. I get to know everybody I work with. They are organized when coming to planning and managing projects. Also, it feels great to have your bosses care about you. Mika Metal has company quarterly meetings with all the employees to update us on what is happening throughout the shop. They feed us well! I have flexible hours to work from home and do all my work as a marketer.”
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