Minnesota Museum of American Art

About Minnesota Museum of American Art

The Minnesota Museum of American Art (the M) is one of the oldest visual arts organizations in Minnesota, with roots stretching back to the 19th century. Based in Saint Paul, the M currently holds more than 4,500 artworks that showcase the unique voices of American artists, guided by the belief that art should reflect the constantly shifting landscape that defines the American experience. With a museum in the historic Pioneer Endicott building on the edge of Saint Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood, as well as traveling shows which introduce American art and artists to audiences around the state, region, and country at large, the M is home to an array of responsive exhibitions and programming that connect diverse audiences with artwork, subjects, and issues that are both relevant and widely engaging. A new, expanded facility for the museum is currently under construction in the Historic Pioneer Endicott, and the M will reopen to the public in late 2018.


Assistant to Curatorial Assistant

August 2019 - August 2019 Saint Paul, MN
“I enjoyed having an inside look into the organuzation. Working at such a small museum in Minnesota allowed me access to meetings and professional work that I would not have recieved at another museum space almost anywhere else, especially at home in New York.”
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