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Naj Fu Studios offers storytelling coaching, consulting, and collaboration. Our website will be available soon. In the meantime, please view our LinkedIn profile at


Screenplay Development Intern

September 2020 - November 2020 Chicago, IL
“This internship was an amazing way to get more comfortable with writing coverage and analyzing scripts, as well as seeing what goes into the early stages of screenplay development. It helped me feel more prepared for my future and make connections with other interns. The environment was very open and supportive. Najm made sure that the internship worked around my classes and his guidance was very helpful in expanding my skills and knowledge. We had one-on-one meetings to go over my work, as well as group meetings to further analyze the scripts and talk about how we would go about actually making the changes to get the script ready for production. Najm also took the time to give us advice on skills for networking and getting jobs in the future. It was overall a very useful and enjoyable experience.”

Screenplay Development Intern

August 2020 - December 2021 Chicago, IL
“My experience as an intern for Naj Fu Studios was great. There was a lot of individual feedback on script coverage reports and I now feel very confident in my ability to write coverage and give effective feedback on scripts as I move forward in my career. The most valuable part of this internship was participating in simulated writer's rooms where I got the opportunity to connect with the other interns and we were guided through exercises on how to solve story problems and elevate the strength of scripts. I was always treated with respect, dignity, and kindness, and it was truly a wonderful work environment. I am very grateful for the experience I had at Naj Fu Studios, and I would really recommend this internship to anyone interested in story development or screenwriting. ”
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