NAU Campus Living

About NAU Campus Living

Campus Living at Northern Arizona University houses 8,200 students and staff in 22 campus living communities (CLCs), including traditional, suite and apartment communities. Our departmental mission and four foundational value areas work in concert to provide an intentional, comprehensive and expansive lens guiding all we do and how we do it. Through our values, we ground our approach, priorities, decisions, interactions, services, staffing, resources, processes, policies, reflection and navigation of complex situations.

Campus Living Mission Statement:
“We create a welcoming and vibrant campus living experience where students connect, explore and belong.”

Our four foundational value areas:
Care and Support
Community and Connectedness
Equity and Inclusion
Learning and Development

We value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, and are committed to fostering inclusive communities where individuals feel valued, safe, and understood. To promote the success of students, staff and faculty, we strive to learn about individual and shared human experiences, while advocating for the respect and inclusion of all identities.


Summer Housing Assistant

May 2018 - August 2018 Flagstaff, AZ
“This role provided the opportunity to meet people from different different backgrounds throughout the summer. Also, the position provided free summer housing. ”

Summer Housing Assistant

May 2019 - August 2019 Flagstaff, AZ
“Having a flexible schedule was my favorite part of the job”
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