Ogallala Commons, Inc.

About Ogallala Commons, Inc.

Ogallala Commons is a nonprofit education and leadership organization that develops leaders who help human and natural communities in the Great Plains to thrive. We provide internships of all subjects, ranging from healthcare to agriculture. Simply apply with your interest, and we will work to find community partners to host your internship. Please follow Ogallala Commons on FB and visit our website for more information:

You can also contact OC Administration, Chelsey Hilty at if you have inquiries or questions about potential internships and interests.


Ogallala Commons Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Woodland Park, CO
“This internship taught me a lot of initiative and it also gave me the chance to work on projects I truly felt passionate about. For example I got to be an integral part of starting a food rescue at our farmers' market where we were able to collect slightly damage produce to give to people in need. Ogallala Commons held all interns to high standards so I learned a lot about how to set and achieve goals.”

Visual Storytelling intern

June 2018 - October 2018 Amarillo, TX
“I loved getting to meet new producers and gain a better knowledge of agriculture in the Texas panhandle. ”
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