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About Olivia's Gift - Full Circle Care

Full Circle Care is an agency in Grand Rapids, MI that provides critical supports to adults living with disabilities who are living independently at Olivia's Gift (OG). Our passion is connecting college students interested in a career in the medical field with the OG family. Students benefit from the hands on, one of a kind experience you get at Olivia's Gift, and the residents gain life long friends and get the critical care they need.

Full Circle Care provides quality, personalized supports that allow individuals with different abilities to thrive in their environments.

Full Circle Care is the reference point for providing the highest quality personalized supports to individuals with different abilities.

Respect for each other; dignity of those we serve; safety for consumers and personnel; celebration of uniqueness; and creativity of each person.


Direct Care Worker

April 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I've been at OG for just over 2 years now! I think that says something in itself, I love the community that OG has. One thing I really appreciate is how flexible my hours can be. If I have a busy semester, I am able to cut down on hours and vice versa for a lighter semester. ”

Direct Care Worker

February 2021 Grand Rapids, MI
“Working at OG has been an amazing experience! I have learned so much and gotten lots of hands-on experience at this job. The training process made learning the residents' routines easier to understand and management does a great job checking in with you as you are still learning. The residents are all so fun to work with too!”
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