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About Power Systems Mfg., LLC

Driven by passion and expertise, we're excited to work together to produce clean energy solutions for today’s generation assets and power future energy generation. Over the last two decades, PSM has grown from a handful of aerospace engineers to a globally recognized organization comprised of nearly 400 dynamic people.
We design and manufacture platforms that help with turbine performance and carbon emissions such as aircraft, combustion, rotors, and blades that support the power plants and clean energy initiatives.
We’re now hiring mechanical, aerospace, materials and manufacturing engineers. As well as skilled technical machine operators, field service personnel, and service and supply staff.
We have an engaging college internship program at the undergraduate and graduate levels and have opportunities for new graduate engineers. At PSM, you’ll be involved directly with customers and be exposed to the entire design cycle – from development to manufacturing to installation. We apply the latest analytical tools, manufacturing techniques, and testing technologies to ensure that our products are the best on the market.
By providing our own innovative designs we are improving efficiency, increasing power output and operational range as retrofits into existing industrial gas turbines used in power generation, chemical processing, and Oil & Gas industries.
Above all, we’re making that world a cleaner place to live by providing our customers with products that utilize alternate fuels such as hydrogen and continuing our 20 years of experience in lowering emissions to unprecedented levels. With are working to make the impossible possible: decarbonizing the energy grid with conventional combustion turbines as part of the energy mix.
We continue our vision of becoming the leading and preferred partner for service and innovation. Guided by our values of resilience, expertise and experience are our motivating factors.


monitoring and diagnostics intern

May 2022 Jupiter, FL
“The experience doesn't get better than this. The people are great and helpful, the environment offers all the resources needed, the management is supportive and flexible, and the work is just entertaining and educational. I have learned a lot and I worked on a project that is actually vital for the company which shows the value that PSM considers its interns to have. Each intern gets a dedicated project/s that are clear to follow. ”

Engineering Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Jupiter, FL
“The PSM intern program offers a chance to work on and be a part of actual projects that the company will use in the future as opposed to just being assigned busy work. You also really get exposed to a lot of different departments throughout the company which allows you to grow your engineering knowledge and experience. Every single one of the employees that I've met couldn't have been more kind and eager help and teach. ”
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