What are some good tips to know before my interview with ScribeAmerica?

An applicant should highlight their interest in medicine/health care and why scribing would help them achieve their career goals. They should also highlight their work strengths that would be useful as a scribe: working efficiently in a fast-paced environment, detail oriented, multitasking abilit...
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For someone looking to be involved with scribe work, such as ScribeAmerica or PhysAssist Scribes, what are some questions I should ask recruiters?

I have actually worked my way up in the company at ScribeAmerica as a project manager and I have a lot of experience with recruitment and hiring. The best questions to ask are about the required time commitment, the type of speciality that the scribe will be working in determines their work hours...
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As a scribe at ScribeAmerica, what was your pay that you received hourly?

As a medical scribe, pay starts at $8.44 hourly, which becomes $10/hr after 90 days. Higher up positions, such as project leader pay up to $16 or more hourly.
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What would you say are essential, in terms of traits or skills, in succeeding at ScribeAmerica?

A few essentials that are needed to succeed include a fast typing speed, ability to multitask efficiently, methods to stay organized, and the ability to learn quickly. This can be a fast paced job at times, especially when we see patients back to back, and you have to be able to have the charts r...
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Does Scribeamerica offer mentorship programs to their undergrad scribes?

ScribeAmerica initially trains their employees to familiarize them with the medicinal knowledge they will need to know to properly document electronic health records. After the initial training period, you will accompany a physician on your own and they will likely provide you feedback as well to...
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For people who have worked as a scribe in ScribeAmerica: would you recommend this program to a friend? Is it a good way to start a career?

ScribeAmerica is a great kickstart to a career in health or medicine. You basically get paid to shadow a doctor, learn a ton about diseases and how they are diagnosed and how to interact with patients. I worked in the ED, so the patients were extremely diverse and I was exposed to a variety of ca...
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What was your day in the life like as a scribe with ScribeAmerica?

This is a multi-pronged question and depends on what specialty you are assigned to but the general idea is the same. The medical scribe works in a fast paced environment where most of the time you are standing or moving while working in the electronic medical records (EMR). When transcribing in t...
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Was there a training program for incoming scribes at ScribeAmerica?

The training program is pretty advanced and detailed at ScribeAmerica; you learn not only about how to scribe and use the EMR, but also various common diseases, their symptoms and diagnostic measures. This is valuable information to excel as a scribe (knowing what to expect when a patient present...
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How much were you paid as a QA Specialist at ScribeAmerica?

As Quality Assurance Specialist, I was responsible for checking over documentation on scribes' charts and to provide feedback on any errors. I was paid $12.50 / hour for this duty. This included all of my clinical shifts as well as shifts spent reading over charts.
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Best approach for approaching a ScribeAmerica recruiter at a job fair regarding potential career opportunities?

For students trying to market themselves for ScribeAmerica, I have a few tips. First, I would demonstrate knowledge and interest in subjects like anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. If you have coursework in these areas, tell them. If you have knowledge or have taken classes in more spe...
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Is it possible to extend my internship and ask for a full-time offer with ScribeAmerica?

If you are interning at Scribe America, I recommend taking full initiative and make each day an on the job interview. Ask plenty of questions. You can never ask too much questions. Be in touch with the physician you are working with because they will always provide amazing insight on what to expe...
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Can someone speak about the culture at ScribeAmerica?

I would describe them as professional and organized. There are specific exams on medical terminology that you have to take in order to initially get the job and that you must pass after training is complete. The training process covers a broad range of topics, and there is a manual with PowerPoin...
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