About SnapHabit

SnapHabit's mission is to help people build positive, life-improving habits. It tracks your habits and helps you stick to them using social accountability, while helping you stay in the loop on how your close friends and family are doing with theirs.

SnapHabit was founded by two x-Google product managers with experience building great consumer and enterprise experiences for billions of people as well as creating and engineering our own 0 to 1 ventures that have scaled to millions. The best way to understand SnapHabit is to download it and try it!


Marketing Intern

October 2019 St. Louis, MO
“I loved the product. This made the job fun and enjoyable. I use the app daily and loved showing it to people, sharing habits and getting more users on board. The best part about the company is the product was developed to serve the users so we would often perform user interviews and shape the app accordingly. The team is hard-working, ambitious and creative which made the work all the better.”

Software Engineering Intern

May 2020 Santa Clara, CA
“I really enjoy my work at SnapHabit! I'm very passionate about the app itself and have found my experience to be so much better being able to use the very product and features I'm working on. Before working at Snaphabit I was familiar with React Native but never had anyone to help improve my programming skills--both stylistically and algorithmically. Working here, I've strengthened my programming skills immensely through consistent code reviews and comments, as well as being able to review the code of other skilled developers.”
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