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About Teknic, Inc.

Engineering and Manufacturing of Motors & Electronic Controls for Automation- Specializing in Ease-of-Performance

What is it like to work at Teknic? Since 1985, Teknic, Inc. has designed and manufactured servo control electronics and high-performance servo motors for use in robotic machinery in a wide variety of industries: semiconductor, medical, CNC, grand-format printing, flight simulators and many others.

Our business philosophy is as follows: It’s no fun doing things like everyone else. We want to make products that are not only higher performance than everyone else’s, but less expensive too. That’s obviously a tall order, but so far, by challenging the conventional wisdom in everything from design to manufacturing to sales, and especially in our work environment, we’ve done just that.

The type of person that fits in well at Teknic likes to work in teams; wants to have a say in how things are done; is creative and wants to do things better than they’re done elsewhere; is comfortable with a lack of formal hierarchy (very flat management structure); likes being responsible for the overall objectives of projects and working on a wide variety of activities (as opposed to preferring to specialize in a narrow area); isn’t afraid to take intelligent risks on doing things in new ways; has a good sense of humor, and works hard but wants to have fun in a challenging and stimulating environment.

Our work environment is open (easy access to senior management), and casual (e.g., most of us wear shorts in the summer). Co-op students who perform well are often hired after they graduate.

Here’s a recent co-op student’s comment about his time at Teknic:

*** “I had a great experience at Teknic. On a personal level, everyone was really nice and fun to be around. The setting was very casual which made it easy for me to fit in. On a professional level, I learned a ton on this co-op in areas that I find interesting which is a bonus. In addition, a lot of what I learned will be useful on my senior design project.” ***

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Software Engineer Co-op

May 2019 - August 2019 Victor, NY
“Great co-workers, and interesting embedded projects to work on. The company sponsors a lot of cool events throughout the year, and co-ops aren't treated like second-class employees.”

Software Engineer

January 2017 - August 2017 Victor, NY
“Opportunity to make a real impact and work on a diverse set of projects”
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