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We provide natural resources monitoring solutions to governments, universities, and private organizations. YSI Integrated Systems and Services goes beyond equipment sales to providing organizations with complete solutions including installation services, training, design, engineering, maintenance, construction, and complete project delivery. Our services offering has grown to over 14 direct offices around the world providing local support on global monitoring projects.


Manufacturing Engineering Process Improvement Technician

January 2023 Yellow Springs, OH
“I really liked working with my hands, training my soft skills, and seeing my work be immediately used. One of the main projects I worked on was creating and updating assembly processes for the new OI Analytical production area. Many of these procedures either were just a single or set of engineering drawings or a short list of notes connected to the drawings. My task was to transfer those procedures into a new, much more user friendly and easier to follow online guide-style website, by taking hundreds of pictures and explaining every part being added. I was given the freedom to rearrange steps and find the best ways and tools to complete the assemblies. I also worked with operation staff and engineers to create the guides and then also helped train staff in assembling the things I had written guides for. I learned and practiced many skills, such as soldering, assembling tubing systems, and training others. I also liked the casual environment and having a general set of tasks to complete. Overall, I really enjoyed it and learned and practiced many new skills.”

Engineering co-op

January 2022 - April 2022 Yellow Springs, OH
“I enjoyed the atmosphere. It's a very welcoming and casual environment. Talking and working with people in and out of my department was very easy which allowed things to be done with out impediments. I learned a lot about the many aspects of solidworks and also about how some companies go about CAD product design through helpful and constructive criticism.”
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